Sarah C. Blackstone
A Brief Biography

The gracious faithfulness of our Lord has led full circle, from 2005’s medical furlough, to the great joy of AGWM Reappointment in 2011. God’s people’s heart-felt prayer over the past years is deeply appreciated!

Born to missionary parents in post-WW II Japan, Sarah responded at the age of five to an altar call in her birth-city of Kobe. Her young cry was, “Oh Lord, while You reach many around the world, PLEASE DO NOT PASS JAPAN BY!”

Seventeen years ago, while ministering in Kobe, the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake struck killing many. Divine protection spared Sarah in the most devastated area: She remained a double term (w/o a furlough) to open Seaside Chapel, a pioneer church plant reaching traumatized earthquake survivors. We will meet Japanese in heaven who came to Jesus through your sacrificial prayer and giving!    

As Sarah returns to Japan in 2012, the nation is again reeling from March 2011’s triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear leakage. THANK YOU for hearing the cry of the lost without Christ . . . THANK YOU for sharing the effort of bringing Jesus to the Land of Japan!

The 2012-2016 term in Japan will be filled with: Trauma support and disaster relief; evangelism; interim pastoring; and, open doors yet in the heart of God. Together, may we gather many sheaves to place at our Savior’s feet, as together we sing, “Worthy is the Lamb”!

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